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Since 2006, 35 young men in the Cayman Islands have been killed by a firearm.  This sobering statistic is a call to action for all of us; these are too many deaths for our small islands. The RCIPS is partnering with community organizations to stop the violence and hold a firearms amnesty throughout the entire month of June 2018 in order to take as many illegal guns off the streets as possible.

The meaning of this amnesty is that unlicensed guns and ammunition can be turned in to police directly or through our partners (explained below) with no criminal penalties. The Director of Public Prosecutions has agreed to and supports this amnesty.  No one who turns in a gun or ammunition as part of the firearms amnesty using one of the methods below will be prosecuted for possessing an unlicensed firearm, which is a crime that usually carries a sentence of 7 to 10 years in prison.

The entire objective of this amnesty is to remove illegal firearms from the communities of the Cayman Islands.  These firearms include old, formerly licensed guns that could fall into the wrong hands.

Full information about the amnesty is below and also demonstrated in our public service announcement video on this page.  We would like to thank Cayman 27 for crime scene footage that it provided to assist us with the making of this video.


Times and Dates:  The dates of the amnesty are Friday, 1 June through Saturday, 30 June.   The amnesty hours are 7AM to 10PM daily during this period.  The amnesty is not 24 hours.  The amnesty concludes at 10PM on Saturday, 30 June.

An easy way to remember the times of the amnesty is this:  Instead of facing a 7 to 10 year sentence for possessing an illegal firearm, turn that gun in during 7AM and 10PM during the month of June and avoid prison.


Packaging a Gun for Surrender:   All firearms should be unloaded and wrapped securely in a plastic bag with duct tape.  All ammunition needs to be unloaded from magazines, with the magazine and the bullets placed in a clear Ziploc bag.  


Dropping off a Gun at a Police Station:  The George Town, Bodden Town and West Bay police stations have silver gun boxes in their reception areas. Just walk in and drop the gun and ammunition in the boxes as indicated.  You can just leave straightaway after that.  You do not have to speak with anyone.  No Questions Asked.

If on the Sister Islands, guns can also be walked into the Cayman Brac or Little Cayman police stations during amnesty hours and dropped off with the officer on duty.  No Questions Asked.


Traveling to a Drop Off Location:  If you are placing the firearm in your vehicle to transport it for drop off as part of the amnesty, follow these instructions precisely:  1) package the gun for surrender as described above and shown in the video; 2) place the gun in the trunk or rear of your vehicle; 3) drive directly to the police station or other drop off point.


Police Pick Up at a Location:  If you would rather have police meet you and pick it up at a location, you can call your local police station and request officers to meet you.  If you do not know how to handle, unload or package a gun for surrender, that presents no problem. Police officers can come to any location, receive the gun, make it safe, and leave.  No Questions Asked.


Surrendering a Gun through a Pastor:  If you would rather not interact with police at all but surrender a gun through a trusted third party, it is possible surrender a gun through a local pastor as part of this amnesty.  The RCIPS is grateful for the partnership of the Cayman Ministers Association in the organization of this amnesty. There are eleven pastors across all districts, including the Sister Islands, who are participating in the amnesty.  A list of these pastors, their districts, congregations and mobile numbers are available here.  When surrendering a gun through a pastor, please follow the following instructions precisely:

Select a pastor from the attached list.

1) Call the pastor at the number provided during the amnesty hours of 7AM to 10PM. Please be respectful and do not call pastors in the middle of the night.

2) Please do not text the pastor.  Pastors will want to speak with the person they are meeting.

3) The pastor will speak with you to agree a location to meet.  If the pastor is bringing another pastor with him, he will tell you that at this point.

4) When meeting, please have the gun properly unloaded and packaged to give to the pastor.   The pastor will ask you to place gun and ammunition in a box he will have with him. If you do not know how to check/unload a gun, please tell the pastor that before handing it over.

5) The pastor will not ask you any information, and will keep confidential anything that you choose to tell him.

6) The pastor will provide you with a gift certificate to a local business as a thank you from the business community. These have been graciously organized through the Chamber of Commerce.

7) The pastor will not contact anyone until after you or he has left the location.

8) The pastor will then provide the gun to police.  Police will not ask the pastor for any further information, nor will the pastor provide any.  The RCIPS and Cayman Ministers Association are in agreement that these interactions are entirely confidential and police will not receive any information from pastors about firearms handovers. No Questions Asked.


Surrendering a Gun Anonymously: The RCIPS is also extremely grateful for its partnership with Cayman Crime Stoppers, which is an independent non-profit organization.  Cayman Crime Stoppers is the local branch of the Crime Stoppers international network, which is dedicated to providing a channel for anonymous information to reach law enforcement and combat crime.

Cayman Crime Stoppers regularly offers rewards for anonymous information that leads to the arrest or conviction of someone involved in a crime.  For the period of the gun amnesty Cayman Crime Stoppers will extend this reward to any anonymous tips that result in the recovery of a firearm.  (It is important to note that only those guns recovered through tips to Crime Stoppers during the amnesty will be eligible for cash rewards.)

To surrender a gun through Cayman Crime Stoppers, please follow the below:

1) Call the Miami-based Crime Stoppers Call Centre at 800-8477 (TIPS) during amnesty hours, OR, submit a tip online here.

2) Provide precise information about where a firearm is located.  If you not concerned about remaining anonymous, but only wish to qualify for the cash reward, you can provide your location and officers can come to you directly to pick up the gun, as described under Police Pick Up at a Location above.

If you do wish to remain anonymous, be sure that your information is detailed and clear enough for officers to easily locate the firearm.  Remember, you only qualify for a cash reward if a gun is actually recovered.

3) When you conclude your phone call to Crime Stoppers Miami or submit your tip online, you will be given a TIP number.  Do not lose your TIP number, it is required for you to find out further information or to claim your reward.

4) Call 800-8477 twenty-four hours after submitting your tip.  If a gun was recovered, you will qualify for a reward and be given further instructions.

The Cayman Crime Stoppers board will determine a reward amount based on the quality and condition of the gun recovered.  The maximum amount that can be rewarded is $1000 per successful tip.  Rewards generally take about 2 weeks to be processed and collected.  You will be provided further information about how to collect the reward anonymously.  Retaining your TIP number is necessary at every step.


Media Campaign and Local Sponsors

The RCIPS is grateful to local sponsors who have supported this amnesty by contributing toward a campaign in the media.  Media organizations have also offered steep discounts for the advertising they are providing, and joined our community-wide effort to come together and rid the islands of illegal firearms and the violence they cause.

Specifically, the RCIPS would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions:

Rotary Central                                   The Cayman Islands Sports Shooting Association

Rotary Grand Cayman                       The Lions Club of Grand Cayman

Rotary Sunrise                                   Superior Auto

Ads for the firearms amnesty will be running in the Camana Bay Cinema and on local radio stations throughout the month.

Any questions about anything above can be directed to pr@rcips.ky