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Kurt Walton

Commissioner of Police Kurt Walton is responsible for the organizational effectiveness and governance of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. He also holds the title of Chief Officer for the Office of the Commissioner of Police, which oversees both the RCIPS and CICG Departments.

Commissioner Walton was promoted to his current role in September 2023, after serving as Deputy Commissioner since 2016 and Chief Superintendent overseeing all policing operations since 2013. Commissioner Walton has been a police officer with the RCIPS since 1986, with a career focused in serious crime investigations and border defence through the disruption of narcotics and firearms trafficking.

Commissioner Walton successfully completed his Senior Investigators training in Barbados in 1997, as well as the International Command Program at Bramshill, UK in 2007. In 2011 he also became certified as a Strategic Gold Firearms Commander. In 2014 he returned to the UK and completed a Strategic Command Course. From 2002 and 2008 Commissioner Walton attended the Cayman Islands Law School while working full-time, and earned his Bachelor of Law degree. He also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice and Police Management from the University of Leicester.
Deputy Commissioner

Anthony Ennis

Anthony Ennis currently holds the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police with responsibility for governance and strategy.

He has been a member of the RCIPS his entire adult life, rising through the ranks to his current position, which he has held since 2005.

In 2003 he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for strategic operational policing.

Deputy Commissioner Ennis holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Liverpool and an Attorney-at-Law qualifying certificate from the Legal Advisory Council in the Cayman Islands. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Portsmouth, and has completed a post-graduate diploma in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia, FBI National Academy and the Defence Academy of the U.K.

Deputy Commissioner Ennis is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the FBI National Academy of Associates and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.
Deputy Chief Officer

Nancy Barnard

Nancy Barnard (nee Kirkaldy) is Deputy Chief Officer of the Office of the Commissioner of Police. Her principal accountabilities are: to assist the Commissioner to ensure that the RCIPS and CICG supply the outputs it has agreed with the Minister, on behalf of Cabinet via the Annual Budget Statement. Critical to the role is paying attention to the nature and scope of the organisation, managing strategic performance, and development and maintenance of capability to assist the Chief Officer to maintain day-to-day oversight of all aspects of the administrative support functions of management.
The DCO’s Section at the RCIPS includes accountability for the Human Resources Unit, the Media & Communications Unit, and the Estates & Procurement Unit. DCO Barnard also serves as Secretariat for the Police Service Commission.

A public servant for over 20 years, DCO Barnard’s previous role (2013-2019) was DCO of the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing. Previously, she has served as Interim Director of the Mosquito Research & Control Unit, Director of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Business Development & Marketing Manager at law firm Mourant, Assistant Social Worker with the formerly-named Department of Social Services (now DCFS), Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Arts, at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI), an call advisor at the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter.

DCO Barnard is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, has Master of Arts in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Teacher's Certification) from UCCI and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Art Education, minor in Sociology, from Concordia University. She is an active participant with the Chamber of Commerce with their Mentoring Cayman Programme and a graduate of, and advisor with, the Leadership Cayman Programme.
Chief Superintendent

Brad Ebanks

Chief Superintendent Brad Ebanks has strategic lead over Security and Law Enforcement across Uniform and Specialist Operations, which includes the Air Operations Unit, Firearms Response Unit, K-9 Unit, Traffic & Roads Policing Unit, Community Policing the Criminal Investigations Department.

He has been a serving member of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) for over 37 years, and was promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent in May 2023.

Chief Superintendent Ebanks focuses on good governance across the RCIPS, ensuring that proper structures and frameworks are in place to deliver optimum service to the Cayman Islands. One of his current priorities is the fight against serious crime and illegal firearms in the Cayman Islands.

During his career, he has served in both Uniform Operations and the Criminal Investigations Unit as well as serving as the Marine Commander in charge of the Joint Marine Unit, which oversaw maritime safety, and enforcement, prior to the establishment of the Cayman Islands Coast Guard in 2022.

Chief Superintendent Ebanks is the recipient of a number of management and leadership courses at law enforcement colleges and facilities throughout the Caribbean as well the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. He is a trained Strategic Firearms Commander and Major Incident Commander, including Multi-Agency Gold Incident Commander training. He also forms part of the major disaster planning and response team for the RCIPS.
Det. Superintendent

Peter Lansdown

Detective Superintendent Pete Lansdown is responsible for an expansive portfolio including all detective units, the Joint Intelligence Unit, Crime Scene Investigation and Exhibits. Altogether, he leads approximately 100 staff investigating all major crime across all three islands.

Having joined the RCIPS in 2016, Detective Superintendent Lansdown is a career detective with 44 years of operational policing experience with the RCIPS & the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard in London (the Met), during which time he achieved the rank of Detective Superintendent in charge of Operational Firearms deployments. During his career he also supervised over 100 detectives and specialist support services within the Homicide and Serious Crime Command for North London through hundreds of homicide investigations.

Detective Superintendent Lansdown is accredited as a Homicide Senior Investigating Officer to the level of PIP 3, and is also certified as a Tactical Firearms Commander and Strategic Firearms Commander. He helped develop the Met and UK’s National SIO’s Development Programme (SIODP), and was also selected to create a new Operational Firearms Command Structure within the Met. Before joining the RCIPS, Detective Superintendent Lansdown also held the position of Head of Senior Detective Training at the Crime Academy of the Met.

Adrian Seales

Superintendent Adrian Seales is responsible for Training & Professional Development. He operates from the Training & Development Unit.

Superintendent Seales joined the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in 1981 as a constable and has served in a number of roles during his 43 years with the RCIPS. His prior roles include Area Commander, both in the Eastern Districts of Grand Cayman and on the Sister Islands, Head of Community Policing, Supervisor of the Traffic Unit and Training Instructor at the Training School. In April 2007 he was promoted to the rank of Superintendent with responsibility for District Operations (Uniform Branch). Superintendent Seales was formerly responsible for Estate Management, Licensing, Administration and Data Management within the overall Management portfolio. He took over as head of Training in October 2019.

Superintendent Seales is a graduate of Royal Canadian Mounted Police College; Regional Police Training Centre, Barbados; Jamaica Police Staff College; Institute of Police Technology and Management, USA; and National Police Improvement Agency, Bramshill, UK. He is also a trained Public Order Commander and a trained Hostage Negotiator from the Metropolitan Police in London, UK, and has received training in other police disciplines in North America, the Caribbean and the UK. He attends the University College of the Cayman Islands, where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice and Police Management from the University of Leicester.

Richard Barrow

Superintendent Richard Barrow leads a complex portfolio within the RCIPS, comprised of the Eastern Districts and the Sister Islands. This role carries responsibility for strategic or policy lead and involves multi-agency collaborations.

Superintendent Barrow has been a member of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) for 24 years, having previously worked for 5 years with the Royal Barbados Police Service. He was promoted to the rank of Superintendent in 2022.

During his career with the RCIPS, he has worked in various departments including as the deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), with responsibility for approximately 100 detectives engaged in specialist CID policing. He has had the distinction of assuming the role of the Area Commander for all districts within Grand Cayman and the role of Head of the Professional Standards Unit. He has also served as the head of two specialist financial investigation teams (Domestic & International).

Superintendent Barrow has represented the RCIPS and the jurisdiction at several high-profile strategic financial forums that are observed internationally.

He holds a Degree (Hons) in law from the Cayman Islands Law School and has successfully completed a Professional Practice Legal Certificate with the Cayman Islands Law School. His professional development includes, but is not limited to, the Junior Commander’s Programme, where he was the recipient of a Certificate of Commendation for the Top Performer; Strategic Leadership Development; and Specialist/Technical skills with the Multi-Agency Gold Incident Command (MAGIC) Training.

Superintendent Barrow is an advocate for strong and effective leadership and management towards building an efficient police service.

LLoyd Marriott

Superintendent Lloyd Marriott leads the Governance, Performance and Accountability Unit. The unit’s primary responsibility is to provide oversight and support for operational policing by reviewing and regularising work systems and processes to promote effective service delivery across the Cayman Islands.

Superintendent Marriott has served with the RCIPS for 19 years. In 2005, Supt. Marriott joined the RCIPS as an experienced police constable, and has risen through the ranks, most recently being promoted to the rank of Superintendent in November 2022, having served as the Commanding Officer for George Town and West Bay police districts respectively.

Superintendent Marriott is a proficient police officer with a broad array of policing skills, knowledge, and experience. He has worked in various police departments, including the Criminal Investigation Department, the Firearms Unit, and the Service Delivery Department. As a trained Firearm Commander, Supt. Marriott obtained his initial firearm training from the City of London Police in 2017. He later completed the Strategic Firearm Commander’s training in 2023 at the RCIPS Training and Development Unit. Supt. Marriott is also a trained Hostage and Crisis Negotiator – obtaining his training from the City of London Police in 2017. He is also a trained Critical Incident Manager, and Major Incident Commander, and has attended various Strategic Leadership courses in the United States, Canada, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

Superintendent Marriott is a graduate of the Canadian Police College and the Caribbean Military Academy obtaining certificates in Senior Police Administration and Strategic Leadership respectively. He holds a Diploma in Leadership and Management studies; an associate degree in Public Administration from the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI); and an MSc degree in Business Psychology from the University of South Wales.

Wendy Parchment

Superintendent Wendy Parchment oversees the portfolio of Criminal Justice and Security services, which includes oversight of the Case File Management Hub, Security for the Governor's residence, security of the Cayman Islands Courts, and the Cayman Islands Prisoner Detention Centre.

She currently oversees a staff of one Chief Inspector, two Inspectors, eight Sergeants, four Constables, 38 Auxiliary Constables as well as four Police Staff.

Superintendent Parchment has served as a police officer for over 37 years, having joined the service on August 6, 1986. She was promoted to the role of Sergeant in 2000, and later received training as a Tactical Advisor and Firearm Incident Commander in February 2011. She was promoted to Inspector of Police in July 2015 after which she served as Area Commander for the Sister Islands for two years. She was promoted to the role of Superintendent in 2022.

During the span of her career, she has been trained and certified in various areas, served in all uniformed divisions, including the Traffic & Roads Policing Unit, and in each district. As the Area Commander for the Sister Islands: Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, which have a total of roughly 2200 citizens combined, she had the responsibility of overseeing the security of border control and the safety of the citizens and the broader communities. She has investigated traffic fatalities and other major accidents, conducted case file management, commanded critical incidents, and assisted in criminal investigations for offenses such as rape, burglaries, and robberies.

Beginning in March 2019, Superintendent Parchment has had overall command of all operations and administration of the Prisoner Detention Centre, ensuring that basic human rights are afforded to persons in detention or who are making court appearances, and safeguarding their health and safety while following best practices.

Superintendent Parchment holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and is currently undertaking a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. She also holds a City & Guilds ICS (Gold) Level 4 ILM Award and is also a qualified Strategic Firearms Commander. She has various certificates in Strategic Leadership Management/Programmes, most recently having successfully completed the Leadership Cayman Program.

Roje Williams

Superintendent Roje Williams has served in the RCIPS for 18 years, and was appointed to the role of Superintendent in late 2022, responsible for Major Events & Major Emergency Planning; and Community Policing. He has since also been given responsibility for several front-line policing units, including Service Delivery and Uniform Operations in the districts of George Town and West Bay; Specialist Units, including the Firearms, Air Operations, K-9 and Traffic & Roads Policing Units.

Supt. Williams believes community engagement from a policing perspective and civic pride from a total community perspective are the backbone towards ensuring safer communities.