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Crime Prevention : Personal Safety When Drinking

Drinking and partying comes with certain risks. Below is a list of things that you can do to minimize these risks.


  • When you are going out, make sure that you plan ahead, make a plan on where you are going and how much you are going to drink (and stick to it).


  • Go out with friends and ensure that at least one of your friends stays alcohol free. There is safety in numbers.


  • Appoint your alcohol free friends as the designated drivers and car pool to ensure that when travelling you are being safe and following the law.


  • When drinking, do not leave your cup unattended. If you have done so for any period of time (even just a minute), you should get a new one.


  • Know your limits. If you are going to be drinking, you should know how your body begins to feel after you have reached your limit. At that point you should stop and start hydrating with water and maybe have something to eat.


  • Try to stay out in the open where there are other people and stick with your friends. Do not go into secluded areas with people you do not entirely trust, especially not someone you’ve just met.


  • Don’t keep quiet and allow unsafe behavior to persist. If you believe that something that is taking place is wrong or potentially unsafe then speak-up. If all else fails call the police.


  • If you are in imminent danger do all you can to draw attention to yourself by making as much noise as is possible. This will startle your opponent and hopefully create an opportunity for you to escape.


These tips are not to be followed to the letter as each situation may warrant a different approach. It is most important to remember that prevention is better than cure and to attempt to stay away from dangerous situations and avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable state if at all possible.


Educate yourself on the dangers of society so that you can identify any such dangers when you are out and about. Prepare yourself, so that you are not caught off guard when faced with adverse situations.