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The RCIPS has launched a National Gun Amnesty, working with key partners and stakeholders who are taking a stand against illegal guns in our community. As the recent uptick in crimes being committing using illegal firearms has escalated into violent incidents with obvious disregard for the safety of the community, the aim is to appeal to those who have access to, or aware of, illegal guns in order to get them off the streets and out of our communities.


The National Gun Amnesty will run between 1 and 31 July, 2024. This is the first gun amnesty being held in the Cayman Islands since June 2018, during which 18 firearms were surrendered along with just under 900 rounds of ammunition. Other weapons, including a crossbow and flare guns were also surrendered during this period.


This year’s campaign is being led by Chief Superintendent Brad Ebanks who states, “This National Gun Amnesty will allow persons who possess illegal guns, ammunition and any other types of illegal weapons, to hand them over to the police, without having to fear being prosecuted. We are giving these people an opportunity to reject a lifestyle that can end in only one of two ways: death or prison. The results from the last amnesty should give us an idea that this is an effective method of serving our community and protecting our families.”


Earlier this year, Commissioner of Police Kurt Walton stated that there are approximately 90 firearms outstanding in the community that have been used to commit crimes, which have not yet been recovered by the police.


Commissioner Walton states, “If you have access to these guns, I am appealing to you to hand them over and make our islands a safer place for our children, our youth, our elderly and other vulnerable members of our community. In addition to maintaining a safe space for our visitors to enjoy, even more important is ensuring that the people who live and work here are safe in going about the business of living their lives.”


The Amnesty also provides a straightforward process for persons who may be innocent custodians of a weapon and possibly even unsure of its legal status, to dispose of the item by handing it over to the police.


“We want to offer our thanks to our partner agencies, particularly Cayman Crime Stoppers, Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control, the Department of Public Safety Communications, and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, for their assistance,” says Chief Superintendent Ebanks. “We are also extremely grateful for the support of the members of the Cayman Ministers Association, elected members, and community leaders, who have agreed to be points of contact for persons wishing to hand in a gun without any direct contact with the police.”



The Amnesty will be active between the hours of 7:00AM to 7:00PM, and persons handing in guns will need to package them in a specific manner: The gun itself should be wrapped in paper or a plastic bag and taped securely. Any ammunition should be removed from the gun and packaged separately, also in paper or plastic.


If being transported by vehicle, the gun should be placed in the trunk of the vehicle, and where it is out of reach of the occupants. The gun should also be taken to the nearest designated location. For example, persons transporting a gun from Bodden Town should not be carrying it to the West Bay Police Station.



“So far this year 8 persons have been arrested and charged for possession of an unlicensed firearm,” adds Chief Superintendent Ebanks. “Persons caught with a gun outside of the conditions of the Amnesty conditions will remain subject to prosecution for possession of an unlicensed firearm, and can face a minimum sentence of ten years if convicted.”


“I know there are persons out there that are in possession of unlicensed firearms who have realised, this is not a good idea. This is now your opportunity to do right thing and walk away.”


How to Hand In A Firearm:

Option 1 – Drop Off:

Guns can be handed in to any police station. There are drop boxes in place at the West Bay, Bodden Town, and Little Cayman Police Stations, in which guns (properly packaged) may be placed.


There are no drop boxes at the George Town or Cayman Brac, or East End Police Stations, and so persons should call 936-8026 to make drop off arrangements at these stations.


Option 2 – via a Trusted Third Party:

Guns can be handed in to a trusted third party, consisting of pastors, elected members, and community leaders, all of whom are listed at the bottom of this page. These third parties will then arrange for the gun to be immediately handed over to the police.


Option 3 – via Cayman Crime Stoppers:

Persons can submit a tip about the location of a gun to Cayman Crime Stoppers at www.caymancrimestoppers.com or by downloading the Cayman Crime Stoppers app. This information will be passed on to the police who will collect the weapon.


Option 4 – Arrange Collection:

Persons can arrange collection of a gun by calling 936-8026, any police station, or by contacting a police officer that they know and trust.


The Amnesty is also being supported by an advertising campaign featuring online and digital billboard ads, as well as local media, to familiarise the public with the parameters of the amnesty and various options for handing in guns.