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Holiday Season Crime Prevention Tips

30th November, 2017 Police Headlines

The RCIPS would like to remind member of the public to be cautious and aware during the holiday season. As the Holidays approach and everyone does their gift shopping, we ask that you protect your investments by securing your homes and valuables as much as you can. Below are some tips for everyone to consider during the Christmas season and otherwise:

  • Lock all entrance and interior doors as a general rule. Keep valuables and small electronics locked away in bedrooms while you are out, such as jewelry, tablets, gaming systems and cellphones.
  • Wait until the last minute to put presents under the trees. If your presents are visible while you are away from home at work, they may be incentive for someone to break in.
  • Increase outdoor lighting. It is best to keep your outdoor lights on, especially at entrance points such as doors and windows.
  • Install motion sensors and timers so that your lights will come on, even if you forget to turn them on yourself.
  • Make sure that your decorations do not hinder the function of the doors and windows or make them easier to open or break into from the outside.
  • Lock up your property the way you normally would to leave the house and then try to get in through all the windows and doors to see if you have any issues you weren’t aware of.

The RCIPS would also like to encourage businesses to practice some of these methods as well, if they apply to your property. You may also consider the below for the holiday season:

  • Employ extra security during the busy season.
  • If you will be opening later than usual, ensure that you have proper lighting inside and outside.
  • Hire additional staff if you expect an influx of customers.
  • Alarm systems and their signage can deter criminal activities.
  • Panic alarms are useful in the event of an emergency and you are not able to call the police.
  • Security cameras can be used to protect your business and detect several types of crimes that may be committed.

The RCIPS encourages everyone to stay safe during the holidays.