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Police Concerned about Anti-Social Behaviour by Groups of Youths at Camana Bay, 5 May

Police Concerned about Anti-Social Behaviour by Groups of Youths at Camana Bay, 5 May

5th May, 2022 Community


RCIPS Community Policing Officers have been working with Camana Bay Property Management to address escalating occurrences of anti-social behavior carried out predominantly by groups of youths at Camana Bay. CCTV footage and photo evidence shows vandalized toilets, chairs thrown into the waterways, golf carts commandeered and crashed into obstacles, and groups of youths on bikes holding up traffic by performing dangerous stunt acts along the main streets of the Town Centre.


“Some of this activity is about kids looking for somewhere to congregate to practice tricks and ride their bikes in an environment that is safe and accessible, and Camana Bay is attractive to young bike riders in this respect”, says RCIPS Commander of Community Policing, Inspector Leslie Laing-Hall.  “However, the behavior of these groups of youths has gone well beyond riding bikes with friends, and at the extreme end, these kids are committing acts that break the law and make them liable for arrest – not to mention the lack of consideration shown towards the community that visit Camana Bay.”


The continuation and escalation of this behaviour led to the RCIPS and members of the Camana Bay Property Management team meeting the youths’ parents. Despite these efforts, similar incidents have not ceased.


As well as continuing efforts to engage the youths and their parents, the RCIPS have committed to increase their patrol presence at Camana Bay, supporting the on-site security guards in their efforts. “We don’t want to see these young people arrested, but this anti-social behavior and destruction of private property must stop.  If we catch anyone breaking the law, they will have to face the consequences of their actions”, says Inspector Laing-Hall. Just last weekend, the RCIPS arrested two youths for drug related offences at Camana Bay.


“Camana Bay is a gathering place for our entire community; a place built on living, working and entertainment where everyone can come together to spend time, whether they are heading to work, visiting the shops, dining, hanging out with friends or returning home. Anti-social behaviour affects the whole community and needs us all to work together to ensure that Camana Bay is a safe and welcoming place where all are treated respectfully. We are exploring a variety of solutions with the RCIPS from an increased police and security presence to dedicated gathering spaces for young people where they can release their energy without disrupting other visitors. We fully support the RCIPS protecting the community in their enforcement of the law,” shared Jeffrey Wight, Senior Property Manager, Dart.