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Update: Operation Borage Continues in the Eastern Districts, 18 May

18th May, 2023 Police Headlines

Operation Borage continued over the past weekend in the Eastern District, where officers showed a huge presence on our road ways by conducting vehicle check points and carrying out vehicle stops when traffic offenses have been observed.


The operations were carried out most notably on Sunday 14 May and Monday 15 May. The officers observed that there was a noticeable improvement in the driving behaviour of the public and as a result there were minimal call to service for vehicle collisions in the eastern districts. The officers also observed that there were very few motorcycles seen, none of which were in violation of any traffic offenses.


Never-the-less, over the past week, more than 65 tickets were issued in the Eastern District and just under half of those were issued for speeding. The officers issued a significant amount of tickets for vehicles with expired vehicle fitness and registration. The RCIPS would like to encourage motorists to ensure that their vehicle documents, including insurance, registration and certificate of roadworthiness is up to date and that their vehicles are fit to be driven on the roadways.


Operation Borage will continue in the Eastern Districts for the foreseeable future and we are also encouraging everyone to stay safe on our roadways by reducing their speed, not drinking or consuming drugs while driving and by driving with vigilance, giving 100% of your attention to driving.


Drive Safe Cayman.