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Beat 8 - Waterfront

Although the waterfront area is part of Beat 8 in George Town, there are officers assigned specifically here, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists travelling through this high-traffic, visitor-heavy area. In addition to directing foot and vehicle traffic in the area, these officers also interact with the many stores and businesses in the area, to assist in addressing any issues and concerns they may have. 


One of the officers assigned to the waterfront area of Beat 8, AC Fabian O'Connor, has even gained some degree of fame for the unique way in which he directs traffic. This eye-catching style has earned him the nickname 'the Dancing Policeman.' AC O'Connor and the other officers assigned to the waterfront have also undertaken tasks ranging from assisting a visitor who fell and injured herself while exiting a bus, to assisting the National Roads Authority with improving road markings in the area, making the proper use of the road more clear for visitors and locals alike.


Beat 8 (Waterfront) Officers Contact Information:

AC Fabian O’Connor -  925-9665: Fabian.O'Connor@rcips.ky

AC Leroy Murchison -  926-0133: Leroy.Murchison@rcips.ky

AC Victor Henry -         925-8727: Victor.Henry@rcips.ky


AC O'Connor Organizes a Cleanup on North Church Street.

On Thursday, 8 August, 2019, AC O'Connor organized a cleanup of an area on North Church Street. Read more here

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Fabian O'Connor

Police Constable

AC Fabian O'Connor is one of the officers responsible for policing the community. He assists tourist from the Cruise ship daily and works alongside 2 other officers Mondays to Fridays during day time hours.

Cornelius Pompey

Police Sergeant

PS Cornelius Pompey is the NPD Sergeant in charge of Sector 2 which covers the Bodden Town beat to the Spotts Beat.

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