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Personal Safety when Exercising Outdoors

In the past year there have been several reports of women being targeted as they go running, especially early in the mornings. These incidents usually take place when women choose to run alone and off the main roads. Below are some tips to follow to better ensure your personal safety.


  1. Do not run alone - You are less likely to be a target if you have company with you, so try to have someone with you at all times. Start a fitness group or get a fitness partner to share your scenic route with.


  1. Do not run with earphones – Staying alert and aware of your surroundings is key; you should be able to hear and properly observe who and what is around you.


  1. Mix up your running route – By switching things up often, it becomes a lot more difficult to predict where you will be if you have multiple routes. Ensure also that you memorise your route so that you know where you are going.
  2. Run Against Traffic – It’s always better for you to see what is heading toward you so you can move out of the way.


  1. Take Self Defence Classes – Learning self-defence will help to prepare you for unexpected situations. There are several facilities on island that teach self-defence on island.


  1. Always tell someone where you are going - In addition, time your runs and let that person know how roughly long your runs usually take.


  1. Stay on well-travelled and well-lit roads - Don’t take shortcuts through woods, poorly lit areas, etc. It is easier for you to be a target in an isolated area than one that has witnesses around and is well lit and possibly has traffic cameras.


  1. Have 9-1-1 accessible - Ensure that you can call the 9-1-1 Communication Centre even when your phone is on lock, and when you are out running ensure that your phone location is on.