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Crime Prevention : Businesses

  • Ensure that your business is protected using appropriate security systems such as alarm systems and CCTV Systems.


  • When installing the cameras, ensure that there is one at the entrance, at each cash point and one that is at personal level to capture faces. Put a measurement sticker at the doorway so that the approximate heights of persons are recorded on the camera.


  • When installing an alarm system, ensure that your security packages come with panic alarms. This will alert the police of something happening at your locations without you having to place a call, and allow you to do so discreetly and with minimum risk.


  • Install audible alarms on doors so that you are alerted when someone enters and exits.


  • Employ the use of magnetically controlled access points for entrances. These are mechanisms that allow for employees to control who enters and exits the stores. E.g. someone with a mask or large sunglasses that cover their face would not be allowed to enter.


  • Install a safe in your business and clear tils periodically so that there is not a large amount of cash on hand. Limit the persons who have access to the safe.


  • If you have a glass door, use impact resistant film, which makes shattering glass more difficult.


  • Use deadbolt locks, especially with glass doors.


  • Ensure that you have proper lighting on the inside and outside of your property, bright enough to be seen clearly from the road way but not too bright to be blinding,


  • If you have a glass door, use impact resistant film, which makes shattering glass more difficult.


  • Communicate regularly with your staff and have a plan in place in the event that you are faced with this situation. Ensure that all staff members know how to behave.


  • On a busy night, organize for your takings for the night to be collected by an armored truck, to minimize the risks for your business.


  • Be vigilant. Look for suspicious persons and vehicles in the area especially at opening and closing times. Pay specific attention to details on these suspicious persons, so that you are able to tell the police what they were wearing, if they had any unique features, such as tattoos, scars etc. Record vehicle registration numbers for your own reference.


  • Change your routines for cash drop offs and closing regularly so that someone looking from the outside cannot predict your movements and methods.


  • Ensure that you do not have obstructions in the windows and door such as edges and posters. This is so that the police can see inside your business when they are on patrol.


  • Cut down edges and clear garbage from outside your business regularly. This will limit hiding places for persons to surveil your business.


  • Put prickle bushes under your windows to discourage persons from trying to break in using the windows.


  • Jam sliding doors with a stick so that forcing it open becomes more difficult.


These crime prevention tips for businesses will help you prevent robberies and burglaries and will also assist you in keeping your business safe internally from crimes like shop-lifting, employee theft and damage to property. Most property-related crimes are crimes of opportunity and by implementing some of these measures; you have begun to reduce your chances of being a victim.


Consult with your community police officer or security expert to learn what measures you can take to secure your business, especially at opening and closing times.