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Holiday Safety Message from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, 18 December

Holiday Safety Message from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, 18 December

18th December, 2019 Police Headlines

The RCIPS would like to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season  and for that reason, we would like to provide the public with the below holiday safety tips that will hopefully reduce the chances of you being a target of crime or putting yourself at risk for injury or worse.


Safe driving:

We encourage all members of the public to use the roadways the right and safe way. Do not drink and drive when you participate in the various holiday festivities, organize a designated driver or utilize public transport. Plan ahead before going out so that you can #arrivealive345.


Ensure that your vehicle license and insurance is up to date and your vehicle is road worthy. That includes having the legal limits for tint on your vehicle and ensuring that your tires and lights are fully functional.


Be attentive. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. There are a higher number of vehicles, cyclist and pedestrians using the roadways now and in centralized areas. Ensure that you are paying 100% attention when driving, walking or cycling, and avoid using the cellphone and being distracted when using the roads.


Do not leave your valuables visibly in your vehicles while shopping and try to park your vehicles in well-lit areas and if possible at a location with security cameras.


Safety at home:

During the holidays people to like to decorate their homes and the RCIPS want to make sure that members of the public consider their safety when doing so.


Ensure that your decorations do not block the view of your security cameras when you are putting them up and do not turn off your exterior lighting in exchange for your decorative lights. Doing so may  limit the visibility of your yard even more at nights.


Also do not put out your  presents under the trees until the last minute. Doing so may encourage burglars to target your home  and when your have opened your presents do not put wrappers and gift boxes in your trash. Package them up and take them away from your homes to be recycled.


Business safety measures:

The holidays bring a lot of business to our local shops and a lot more foot traffic than there would be throughout the year. We would like to encourage all businesses to take this increase foot traffic into account.


Ensure that you increase security in your shops where necessary, even if it is on days that you know will be busier than others.


Make sure that security cameras are clear of obstructions and are properly serviced. It is important that security camera cover both the entrance and exit of your establishment.


Get to know your neighboring shop owners and start a business watch for your area. These can be useful in sharing information about suspicious activities and persons, so that you can avoid being victims of crime. You may contact the beat officer for your location to find out how to get started.


For more information on crime prevention tips, visit our website. You may also use or website or the RCIPS mobile app to send tips on suspicious activities and feedback to our officers.


Have safe and happy holiday.


By: PC Jodi-Ann Powery (Police Media Officer)