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No Tolerance Approach To Parking in Disabled Parking Place “Blue Spot”

30th November, 2017 Police Headlines

The RCIPS would like to remind members of the public that Disabled Parking Spaces, or “Blue Spots” as they are often called because they are painted blue, are only to be used by persons with a disabled card that is visibly displayed in their vehicle. Able-bodied persons who park their vehicle in disabled spots, do so with great inconsideration for the people who genuinely need the parking space due to a legitimate disability.

According to the Traffic Law 2011 and the Traffic Regulations 2012, any person who parks their vehicle, motorcycle or pedal cycle in a disabled parking spot or otherwise causes any kind of obstruction to the parking space, commits an offense and may receive a traffic violation ticket for $100 CI.

Officers of the RCIPS, going forward have been directed to adopt a no tolerance approach to this traffic violation offense as complaints are on the rise. RCIPS encourage all members of our communities to be mindful and respectful of the needs of persons with legitimate disabilities reminding all that parking in a disabled spot without a valid disability permit is illegal.

The RCIPS wish to extend seasons’ greetings to all members of our communities.