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Police Profile: Police Constable Donovan Chong

Police Profile: Police Constable Donovan Chong

20th February, 2019 Police Headlines

Police Profile:  PC Donovan Chong works as a Traffic and Roads Policing Officer with specialties in road collision reconstruction and investigations.


PC Chong has been a police officer with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for the past 15 years. He was sworn in to the RCIPS in 2004, after having worked closely with the police as a fitness trainer and nutrition consultant for some time prior. Having just experienced Hurricane Ivan with the rest of the country, and having seen the devastation first-hand, PC Chong wanted to help rebuild the islands he called home. “The police were really in need of more ‘hands on deck’ at the time, and I thought being an officer would be a great way to contribute toward the recovery.”


PC Chong had been sworn in and given essential basic training along with dozens of other new officers, so that a critical mass of constables could execute day-to-day patrolling during the period in which the country was in a state of emergency. “But we were not allowed to do case files or other administrative aspects of policing,” PC Chong explained, “because we had not yet completed our training to do so.” PC Chong did not complete his police training until 2006, after the country was back up and running and there was finally a location allocated to train police officers.


During the first two years of his policing career, however, PC Chong not only helped with the recovery as he wanted to do, but he also found his calling. “I discovered that I was fascinated by traffic investigations and was passionate about educating the public about road safety and in 2007 I was appointed to the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit. It wasn’t something I expected to enjoy, but I did.”  


“Working as a Traffic officer, I am able to meet so many people and I have an opportunity to impart knowledge that I know will save lives,” said PC Chong. “It’s not just about enforcement for me, it’s about leaving someone with knowledge they didn’t have before, because of a conversation that truly impacted them.”


PC Chong was born in Kingston Jamaica and moved to the Cayman Islands in 2002. He still mentors those interested in physical fitness and leading a better lifestyle through eating healthy and exercising. He is extremely active in the community and participates in many community-driven activities, such as community beautification projects, and is an officer that is beloved by his colleagues and is affectionately known as “Chongy”.


“I have lived in the Cayman Islands for the past 17 years and I have come to recognize this country as my home,” says PC Chong. “I have dreams of remaining in the service and moving up the ranks, and someday I hope to become a senior ranking officer.”


PC Chong works on a shift-based system that is subject to change regularly depending on public events and the needs of the Service. “Traffic officers have to be very flexible and have a love for the unpredictable and spontaneous aspects of policing,” observes PC Chong. “This means that you have a very different working schedule than most people, which can be challenging, but also keeps the job exciting.”


Due to his abilities and personal drive and interest, PC Chong has become highly trained during his career in several technical aspects of traffic policing. He is trained in the use of the speedometer and the intoxilizer, and also has several prestigious certifications in Traffic Homicide, Accident Reconstruction, and At the Scene Traffic Crash Investigations from the Institute of Police Technology Management at the University of Florida.


PC Chong also assists with the training of new police officers in emergency response driving, which he has also been certified to do by the Emergency Response Driver Training Ltd.


Inspector Ian Yearwood, Head of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit, says “PC Chong is a very hard worker, and is an officer who can be relied on to help in any situation that arises. He has a wealth of knowledge about traffic work that he is never hesitant to share with colleagues. He is meticulous in his fatal collision investigations, which is truly commendable and a credit to the Service.”


By: Jodi-Ann Powery, Police Media Officer