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RCIPS Financial Crimes Investigation Unit Investigates Forged Notes, 8 October

8th October, 2021 Police Headlines

The RCIPS Financial Crimes Investigations Unit, have received two separate reports of forged notes that were turn over by two separate financial institutions in the Cayman Islands. From the reports, a forged KYD $100 note was turned over and from the other was a forged KYD $1 note. The serial number on the forged KYD $100 note, matched that of a previous note that was handed in to the police. (see details here)


Financial crime investigators are asking the public to be vigilant when exchanging money. Some ways that the public may be able to identify genuine note are to compare the feel of the notes you receive with ones that they already have and to look for the unique details on KYD genuine bank notes such as the security thread, watermarks and serial numbers. 


For more information on how to ensure that the banknotes you receive are genuine, you may visit the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority website at www.cima.ky.


If you believe that you have been given a forged note, please do not attempt to spend the note, but instead report the matter to the police by calling the Financial Crimes Investigations Unit at 949-8797.

The RCIPS is reminding the public that knowingly uttering a forged note is an offense in the Cayman Island, which on conviction, carries a sentence of imprisonment for 7 years.