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RCIPS Warns Against Misuse of Pellet Guns, 25 January

25th January, 2023 Police Headlines

The RCIPS have received several complaints of late, reporting that groups of young persons have been using what appear to be gel guns or gel blasters capable of discharging water- filled bead pellets or other similar projectiles. 


Although the toy or device is not manufactured to be lethal or cause serious injury or harm, improper use may have adverse or harmful effects. Section 80 of the Penal Code, specifies an offensive weapon as any object, whether made or adapted for that purpose, which is used as a weapon with the intent of causing harm to others. The penalty for use of an offensive weapon on conviction is, $5000, or 4 years in prison.  Include the offence for causing alarm or distress.


So far, one juvenile male was arrested on suspicion of assault yesterday, 24 January in relation to an incident that took place just before 8:40PM on Monday 23 January, where it was reported that someone was hit with a pellet gun being discharged from a vehicle that was driving around in a community in Bodden Town. This report was similar to others that were reported in the previous days.


The vehicle as described was seen and stopped by the officers and the driver of the vehicle was also arrested in relation to the report along with several other traffic violations that were committed, including a reckless and negligent act.


“The offenses being committed have very serious implications, both for the victims and the persons who are committing these acts of violence against members of the community,” says DCoP Walton, “We hope that both the young people who are carrying out these acts and their parents understand the gravity of their actions and take heed to these warnings. Regardless of whether they have been manufactured and sold with the purpose of being used as toys, anyone who uses these items to assault or intimidate others, thus using them as offensive weapons, will be prosecuted.”


The matter is being investigated by the police and the RCIPS are imploring that parents with children, especially teenage children who are in possession of these pellet guns, speak with their children about the appropriate use of these items. Anyone with information about this and any other incident relating to the use of pellet guns to commit crimes, are encouraged to call the Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2220 or the police station in the districts that the incidents were committed. Alternatively, anonymous tips can be provided directly to the RCIPS via our Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777, or via our website.