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Your Safer Neighbourhood Team works closely with partner agencies to address the issues identified as priorities by the local community.

Beat 7 - South Sound

Beat 7 - South Sound

Senior PC Fran General and PC Tamara Jackson are the Community Police Officers responsible for Beat 7, and bring several years of policing experience to this role. Both officers operate from the George Town Police Station, but spend the bulk of their time in South Sound or nearby, meeting residents and problem-solving local issues. SPC General is also a liaison officer with the schools in her beat and regularly visits the schools to work with teachers and students on any issues that arise.


Beat 7 begins at the junction of Boilers road on South Church Street, and ends on South Sound at the junction of Old Crewe Road. The Beat also covers Crewe Road all the way to the Airport and encompasses the Windsor Park Area.


Some of the issues that have been identified with the assistance of the community are:


-Having a permanent police officer assigned to the area



-Derelict Vehicles


A time frame was kept in order to keep the projects rolling and keep the community engaged. Several meetings were held in the community to discuss plans on executing each task and to provide progress reports to the members of the community.


Five Neighbourhood Watch Programs have been launched in the George Town area since the officers were assigned to this beat: - 4 in the Windsor Park area and one in South Sound.


The officers, with the assistance of members of the community, have also addressed concerns relating to the short cut to UCCI from Burger King on Walkers Road. The area was cleared out so that it offered a clear view heading to the school. This project was organized by the community officers and executed by the land owners.


The officers continue to monitor the area and have made several arrests relative to reported anti-social behaviors. They have met with other members of the community to try and create a drug free and safe environment for the college students.

The officers have assisted in organizing community functions that celebrate targeted members of the community such as a Father’s Day Treat and a Back to School Treat that were held in June and September respectively.


Going forward the officers intend to maintain their strong presence in the community and will meet with other members of their beat area to identify other pressing issues that need addressing and facilitate those changes as best as possible.


The officers intend on focusing a large amount of their resources on the youth of the community, by developing sporting and gaming activities as well as other enrichment programs that will identify the talents of the youth and build on this.


So far there are plans in the works to organize a Christmas treat and teen disco for the beat area as well as starting up a driving school for persons in the area who wish to learn to drive and get a driver’s license.


Some photos are attached in the below gallery showing some of the officers development in their beat area.


Sgt. Cornelius Pompey oversees Beat 7 and all beats in the George Town community policing sector.  He also looks forward to meeting residents in Beat 7, and can also be contacted through the details provided on this page. 


Beat 7 - South Sound Officers Contact Information:

SPC Fran General -      929-5598: Fran.General@rcips.ky

PC Tamara Jackson -  936-8029: Tamara.Jackson@rcips.ky







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Fran General

Snr Police Constable

PC Fran General is a Neighbourhood Police Officer and she operates from the George Town Police Station. She is responsible for Beat 7 - George Town.

Cornelius Pompey

Police Sergeant

PS Cornelius Pompey is the NPD Sergeant in charge of Sector 2 which covers the Bodden Town beat to the Spotts Beat.


Meetings and events

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