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Traffic and Roads Policing Unit Provides Midsummer Enforcement Update, 10 July

10th July, 2019 Police Headlines

Traffic violations continue to be a growing matter within the Cayman Islands and the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit has been doing their best at enforcing the violations in an effort to maintain safety and order on the roadways. Last month, the RCIPS Traffic and Roads Policing Unit continued its targeted enforcement operations to improve overall road safety on all three islands, and issued approximately 568 traffic tickets.  The majority of these were for speeding and tint violations.


Speeding is a top concern, and enforcement of this offense spiked in 2018 and continue this year with just over 270 tickets issued for the June alone. In the first ten days of July already approximately 75 tickets have been issued.  Although speeding violations were observed occurring across all three islands, the largest number of offenses occurred along Esterly Tibbetts Highway, Yacht Drive and South Sound Road, followed by roads in the Eastern Districts on the weekends.


DUI arrests are also increasing . Last month, 15 persons were arrested on suspicion of DUI and another 7 arrests were made this month so far.  Of the 7 DUI arrests made, 5 were discovered as a result of the driver being involved in a motor vehicle collision and 1 was as a result of speeding.  There have also been approximately 77 recorded motor vehicle collisions this month so far, approximately 10 of which resulted in injury at the time of the incident.


Inspector Dwayne Jones, Head of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit says “Preventing traffic collisions is a main objective of all of our enforcement, because prosecution and fines are a main deterrent for the road offences and reckless behaviour behind the wheel that cause deaths on our roads. But we know that enforcement alone cannot make our roads safer, so educating the public with our partners is also an important activity for us.”


Other offenses, such as excessive tint, carrying unsafe load, goods or passengers, and illegally parking in disabled spots were also targeted during recent operations.  So far in July, officers have issued approximately 218 traffic tickets in total for these.


The TRPU is planning another traffic operation this Thursday, 11 July targeting heavy equipment vehicles.  Speeding by these vehicles has been a major concern voiced by Eastern District residents, especially when they appear to be carrying unsafe loads.


Inspector Courtney Myles, head of the Community Policing Department says, “At our Bodden Town Community Clinics last week, traffic violations by dump trucks was voiced by many as a main concern, with complaints about speeding by these trucks along narrow streets.  This is especially worrying because the heavier the vehicle, the longer is required to come to a stop.”


The RCIPS would like to remind drivers that when carrying a load of construction material, the load must be covered and secured so that it does not fall into the road and create a danger to other road users or litter. Overhanging loads must have a red flag to alert other road users to travel at a safe distance.  Passengers are not allowed to travel on the back of flatbed trucks, or any vehicles.


The RCIPS looks forward to the continued support and cooperation from the public in making our roads safer.