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Upgraded Police Vehicle Light Bars, 22 June

Upgraded Police Vehicle Light Bars, 22 June

22nd June, 2018 Police Headlines

The RCIPS would like to inform the public that since the start of June, the service has begun to transition the emergency lights on all police vehicles to an upgraded version.



These new police emergency lights have been programmed to increase the visibility of police when on patrol. Portions of the lights will remain on permanently when the vehicle is in service, which makes the cars easier to see in general, and could act as a deterrent to crime more specifically.



The public will be able to differentiate between regular patrol and other police response as there are several response programs.



When on regular patrol, a steady light is visible on each end of the light bar.


When the vehicle is not moving but engaged in police response, e.g. at the scene of a collision or roadblock, the lights will be a flashing. They lights can also be used to direct traffic as they have directional flow.


When the vehicle is engaged in emergency response, the lights flash more rapidly. For most incidents, the lights will be accompanied by sirens, however when responding to certain types of incidents sirens may not be used.



The new capacity of our police vehicles to employ different kinds of lights for police response is designed to increase our visibility and also the efficacy of our response. Feedback about new lighting on police vehicles can be shared here.