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RCIPS Issues Traffic Advisory to Road Users, 1 November

The Traffic and Roads Policing Unit as well the as the Community Policing Department, would like to inform the public of a few traffic nuances that have been affecting the flow of traffic as well as the safety of road users over the past month.  Road users are encouraged to follow the road rules and laws in an effort to make the roadways safer for all.


Speeding in School Zones

Motorists are being reminded that when travelling in a school zone during the designated times of drop off and pick up, the speed limit in the marked areas is 15 MPH. In these areas, the penalty for breaching is $40 per mile over the speed limit, which is double the usual fine of $20. If the driver of the vehicle exceeds double the speed limit of the area, they will be warned for intended prosecution, where they will be summonsed to court and potentially disqualified for a period not less than 6 months, in addition to the speeding fine. Currently there are over 10 people who are disqualified as a result of speeding in a school zone. 


So far for this year, over 100 persons have been warned for intended prosecution for doubling the speed limit in a school zone. The most frequent area where stops have been made has been the Red Bay Primary school zone and the Savannah Primary school zone.  


Motorists are being asked to look out for school zone areas and ensure that they are going at the correct speed. The school zones are active between 7AM and 9AM, and 2PM and 4PM, Mondays to Fridays with the exception of school holidays.



In addition to speeding in a school zone, officers have issued over 330 speeding tickets for the month of October alone. Of these tickets for speeding, approximately 60 were recorded for speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour. This means that, at minimum, these individuals are facing fines of $400 each. Speeding continues to be one of the leading causes of road collisions and fatalities in the Cayman Islands. Traffic officers are imploring that all motorists observe the speed limits in each area and ensure that they do not speed or drive in a reckless manner.


Unsafe Loads and Passengers on the Back of Trucks

Despite previous warnings regarding the unsafe manner in which passengers travel in the back of pickup trucks, officers continue to see this infraction regularly. This act is extremely dangerous as passengers have no way of securing themselves in the vehicle in the event of a motor vehicle collision. Drivers of these vehicles will be ticketed for driving a vehicle with an unsecure load or passenger at a value of $100.


Use of Indicators and Inattention

Officers would like to remind the public that they must use their indicators when approaching a roundabout and when making turns on and off of the public roadways. During morning and evening commute, officers have noticed that persons using the roundabouts are not indicating to the lane they wish to exit and this in turn causes a build-up of traffic to occur. Failing to indicate is an offense which carries a traffic fine of $100.


Officers have also observed that persons travelling in traffic have not been giving all their attention to driving and this too has also caused and increased build-up of traffic. Often, these distracted drivers have been observed using their cell phones whilst driving. Using your cell phone whilst driving is an offense, which carries a traffic fine of $150. In the event of a motor vehicle collision, distracted drivers may be charged with careless driving and other similar offenses.